MALEX – Maxim and Alex’s 24th

25th September 2021

Twins, Maxim and Alex, today celebrated their 24th birthday and took 20 of their friends to the Isle of Wight (IOW) for the day in 11 Citroen 2cv’s.  The participants set off for the Lymington ferry but on the way had to do a regularity (covering a certain distance, ain a certain time, at a certain speed) which they mastered with varying degrees of success but everyone made a huge effort with the winners being just 8 seconds outside the time! 

The cars queued for the ferry and then boarded and there was the hilarious site of one of the cars being pushed up the ramp to the upper deck by 4 of the burly ferry marshall’s! – the hill start hadn’t quite been mastered yet!  Once on the IOW the cars were set off at minute intervals and armed with roadbooks and rally trip meters, they navigated themselves around the island. 

There was a quiz to answer along the way and photos to be taken on a beach representing the number of one’s car.  There was a most imaginative selection of photo’s, with some involving little or no clothing which drew a few cheers at the award ceremony later! 

We stopped for a delicious lunch at a friend’s house overlooking the sea before continuing on the route, through the middle of Cowes and on round the island.  We all assembled back at the ferry to return to Lymington and more festivities in the evening.