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The Marrakech Express Rally 2014

  • The Marrakech Express 2014 – 14 days in Morocco by Rod Kirkpatrick

    ‘It’s more than just a drive it’s a way of life’


    Hear what previous customers think about 2CV Adventures:


    Alastair Caldwell, James Hunt’s Manager at McLaren F1 Team,

    “I have never driven a 2CV before and I really enjoyed it. It’s fun!”


    Reg Toohey, from Perth Australia,

    “We had a great time. Terrific little car. For a big guy like me they were really comfortable. The great thing about 2CV Adventures is that I don’t have to ship a car, or look after it. That’s all done for me.”


    Richard Pryor, experienced rally driver,

    “We are amazed at how fast they are. Astonishing over rough ground. Great fun driving. Second to none.”


    Judith Rowe, rally co-driver,

    “They exceeded all expectations. Brilliant. If the car needs attention it is fixed by experts. As a result it’s really relaxing.”


    Mike Faiers, BOSCH – Tin Snail Team Building Event,

    “I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making Monday such an amazing day. The feedback from the team has been great, they haven’t stopped talking about it…. so mission accomplished!!”


    George Clowes

    “We could not have enjoyed ourselves more entirely thanks to your incredible organisation coupled with wonderful good humour.”

    “Having approached the event with a certain degree of reservation, we could not have been more wrong. The whole experience was extraordinary fun and indeed totally relaxing.”