The Big ‘surprise’ for Cheryl’s 50th

The day out in Dizzy and Dally was a big surprise!  It was Cheryl’s 50th and her husband Kevin kept it all very hush hush, as we communicated via Whatsapp only!

They booked nos. 7 and 8 for the day as Cheryl’s birthday was on 7th August!

They arrived, and as Cheryl looked at the waiting Citroen 2CV’s in wonder, she said “I thought I was going for a plane ride!  I am so pleased I’m not!” – She has always wanted to own a 2CV, but had never driven one, and was so excited to be driving one for the day.  We went on a little practice run up the road and once she was comfortable, we returned and off they went with their son and daughter, in the two cars.

They met up with their family during the day for lunch and had a lovely day together.

Will Cheryl now buy a 2CV?  We shall have to wait and see!