The SAFE Raid 2014

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Well after a little bunny hopping around the car park, a few spinning tyres and fast starts, our Americanand Canadian contingent mastered the art of driving a manual car with dexterity!!  Getting that clutch accelerator connection is always tricky to the uninitiated but it always amazes us, at 2cv Adventures, how quickly the ‘automatic car drivers’ pick up the knack!

Then there was the confusion over the petrol – A petrol car does not respond well to diesel but luckily the engine survived to tell the tale!

This time we had 5 cocktail bartenders travelling with us, or mixologists as they term themselves, which seemed a much more appropriate title.  They could mix a mean cocktail, as our trip to the Grand Marnier chateau proved.

Our 9 day trip included the wonderful castle of Parador Alcaniz, which sits high above the surrounding landscape, as well as the lovely Hotel L’Yeuse near Cognac and Domaine de la Bretesche near Millilac.

The beautiful picturesque route took us on a merry adventure through the stunning French countryside and our mixologist could always be found enjoying lunch at a typically French Bistro or with a local family they’d met, with some fine wine to go with it!

It was a wonderful trip, with some wonderful people and we hope to see them again!